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Daily Karagol Tour

Karagöl Turu We are moving in front of Rize Ezgi Tourism at 09:00. From the coastal road of the Black Sea, the sea is flooded with a thousand tons of green, and Rize bins Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen and Fındıklı; We follow the Arhavi and Hopa districts of Artvin and go to the Cankurtaran Passage.

We continue our journey by photographing the Black Sea with a magnificent panoramic view from a height of 690 meters from the sea. Rize Günübirlik Tur Borcka city center and the Coruh river is followed by a total of two and a half hours after a trip to the center of Borcka 27 km. at a distance of 1450 meters above sea level at the beginning of the 19th century, the current uc el near the Klaskur (December) Plateau near the hill as a result of landslides resulting in the closure of the road to heaven green KARAGÖL‘e reach.

Our guests walks in the forests around Karagöl. They either eat a barbecue or eat lunch at the restaurant around the lake. At 15:00 we leave Karagölden sadly. We arrive at Rize by 18:00.

He’s about to meet at another Ezgi Tour.

Note: The final movement will take place when the groups of 12 people are completed.

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