Daily Batumi Tour of Georgia Batumi Tour with Accommodation

Daily Batum Tour

In the morning at 08:00, we continue our tour in front of Ezgi Tourism at 08:20 in Çayeli by completing the necessary ID & documentation checks before departure. After a 1.5-hour journey, we arrive at the Sarp Border Gate.

In order to accelerate our transition on the Turkish side, we pass on our vehicle and continue our day-to-day Batumi tour, which takes approximately 50 minutes with the identity documents that we have prepared before (after the Transit Transition Period can vary according to the Density of the Customs Gate).

With the information that our guide will give you firstly you will need ’ası Lari Gür’ which is the money of Georgia. We are making the Roman monument to the Asparos Castle (Gonio), which is said to have been a monumental tomb of St. Matthias, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.

After our visit to the castle and the archeology museum, we had lunch at the Georgian Restaurant in the Georgian restaurant or took it to a modern Turkish restaurant on the shore, established by the former Soviet Union / Tsarist Russia in an area of ​​112 hectares in 1880; We are going to Batum City Center about 45kk.yürlü, which has about 2000 species of trees and bushes, more than 5000 plants including rose and various flowers.

Orthodox Cathedral (Church of Our Lady), Europe Square, Golden Post Medea Statue, Piazza Square, Theater Square, Batumi Boulevard, Alphabet Tower, Ali and Nino Statue and Ottoman Period Middle Mosque and 1 hour of free time after 17:30 hours We are moving to Sarp Border Gate. Rize Günübirlik Turlar After walking through the customs territory of the Customs operations to meet our vehicle, we are moving to Trabzon in Turkey Mosque in front of the steep side. Our daily Batumi Tour will end in front of Rize Municipality at approximately 21.00 and we say goodbye to meet on the next Ezgi Tourism Trip.


According to the protocol signed between the two countries, Turkey and Georgia States citizens are able to login identity from customs. No identity card other than Population Identity Card (Including Driver’s License) does not replace the Population ID Wallet.

Purses must be in jeep or oldest 10 years. Therefore, the identity of your identity wallet Ripped, TC. No illegible, illegible, very old and deformed images, handwritten intervention handwriting identity wallets are not accepted in customs transitions. Please check your Population Identity Wallet as our guide will warn you before moving.

Medea Statue, Batumi

Old post office building; The former Post Office Building, one of the most spectacular and remarkable buildings of Batumi, rises at the intersection of the two central streets of the city.

Alphabet Tower; Georgian is one of the oldest languages ​​in the 2000-year-old alphabet. One of the 14 alphabets still used in the world, the Georgian alphabet is dedicated to the Georgian alphabet. The height of the Alphabet Tower is located in the immediate vicinity of the Radisson Hotel.

Alphabet Tower, Batumi

Theater Square; Batumi is a city of sculptures; The statue of Poseidon, the god of the sea on the Theater Square, is one of the city’s most magnificent statues. Do not pass without seeing the opera house which has a history of 625 chairs and 125 years in the Theater Square.

Batumi Piazza Square; This is the center of the city. The square, which is often used for concerts and conferences, is reminiscent of a typical Italian square with its architectural features. The mosaics on the floor in the middle of the square should not be overlooked.

Ali and Nino Statue; The sculpture of the sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze, who lives in America, was inspired by the story of the Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said and the story of “Ali and Nino N about the love between the Azerbaijani young and the Georgian girl. 7 meters high metal sculptures, consisting of a man and a woman who change positions by turning the music, move towards each other and merge in 10 minutes.

Ali-Nino Statue, Batumi

Botanical Garden; Batum Botanic Garden, the 2nd largest botanical garden in the world, is located about 10 kilometers north of the city. Located in the Mtsvane Kontskhi district on the Black Sea coast, the garden has a history of more than 100 years. The garden that houses more than 5000 plant species is a complete oxygen store.

Visit holy places; The people of Adjara adopted the Christianity in the Roman period. With the conquest of the Caucasus region of the Ottoman Empire, from the 15th century on, most of the people adopted Islam. Batumi (Orta) Mosque; The 3-domed Virgin Mary Church, built in a Neo-Gothic style; St Nickolas Church can be seen right next to Piazza Square.

Have fun

Pleasure; There are no cuts along the coast of Georgia. Black Sea’s combative structure has taken a more calm atmosphere in Batumi. The beach is quite stony and it can be swim everywhere along the coastline of Batumi.

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