Bus Travel in Turkey – Using Public Buses for Travelling in Turkey

Before flights became cheaper, the road network was the means of intercity travel in Turkey.Expressways are limited; many are just divided highways. After planes, buses are the next best way to travel around the country if you have time.

It is to the traveler’s advantage that there is competition between private companies. You can book a ticket or just turn up at an out-of-town bus station and hop on. Go to the office of the bus company if you don’t know which to choose, you will be sure to be accosted by men trying to get you to use their company!

Travel between Istanbul and Ankara can takes as little as four hours. Many buses travel at night (for example, twenty hours for Istanbul to Trabzon, nine hours for Istanbul to Izmir).

Some companies have a better safety record than others: Kamil Koç, Ulusoy, and Varan are regarded as the best. They target the more wealthy traveler; on some routes, on board toilets and meals are provided. On other routes there will be regular stops at service stations or bus stations. Buses are nonsmoking.

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