Anzac Days in Gallipoli and Things to do in Canakkale

Following weeks of April, thousands of Anzacs will come to Turkey to visit Çanakkale is located in the northwest of Turkey, straddling the Dardanelles, the famous strait which seperates the continents of Europe and Asia. They wish to be witness the biggest war of human history and to honor the 500.000 soilders who lost their lives on the Gelibolu Peninsula during Wold War I ( Gelibolu Campaign), visit Gallipoli peninsula is now a national park preserving that time in history.

Before planning your visit to Gallipoli I would recommend you to check the information below might be useful for your trip plan.

Stretching across both the Aegean and Marmara regions, the city is surrounded by Balıkesir to the southeast, the Aegean Sea to the west, and Tekirdag and the Sea of Marmara to the north.

Known in history as Troas, the history of Çanakkale region as a place of settlement goes back to 5000 BC (Late Neolithic Age). It spreads over an area of 9737 km2 and its coastline is 671 km long.

Things to do in Canakkale

Visit the Historical National Park of Gelibolu Peninsula
Discover the mystical ancient city of Troy and trace the accounts of Homeros
Enjoy the beauty of the rare straits of the world, the Dardanelles
Enjoy crossing from Europe to Asia by ferry
Explore unlimited ancient values of Troas
Scuba dive in the tranquil waters of Gokceada and Saros
Dive to the Shipwrecks in the Saros Bay
Live the mythological and natural beauty of Mount Ida
View a spectacular sunset in Assos
Swim in crystal clear waters of Bozcaada Island, Assos and Saros
Taste tempting regional dishes, fresh fish and locally produced wine
Sample Ezine cheese and olive oil
Walk by the lovely seaside of Canakkale
Visit the famous Historical Bazaar with mirrors
Visit the Historical Nusrat Minelayer
Visit the famous Ottoman Castle

Places to visit around Canakkale

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. Ancient Troy. Apollo Smintheus Temple in Gulpinar. Alexandria Troas. Assos. Mount Ida. Bozcaada. Gokceada. Saros ( For scuba diving). Kucukkuyu. Guzelyali. Zeus Altar.

Places to visit in the city center of Canakkale

Cimenlik Park: Cimenlik Castle, Nusrat Minelayer, Naval Museum
Kilitbayır Castle ( on the European side of the Dardanelles)
Archaeological Museum
Historical Clock Tower Square
Yali Hani Caravanserai
Troy Horse in center ( from the movie)
The model of Layer 6 of Troy, the biggest city model of Turkey, beside the Troy horse in Canakkale
The beautiful seaside of Canakkale looking at the impressive Dardanelles Strait The korfmann Library.

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