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5 Years Later : The Goreme Open Air Museum

I first visited the Goreme Open Air Museum of Cappadocia in 2010 and my write-up was neither kind nor full of praise. I accused the guidebook of incorrect information and my exact words to describe the historical UNESCO World Heritage … Continue reading

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Goreme : The Backpacking Hub of Cappadocia

On my first visit to Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey in November 2009, I was all over it like a hot rash. The summer had officially finished yet it was still thriving with backpackers arriving from Istanbul on the overnight bus. … Continue reading

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How to Save Money with the Istanbul Tourist Pass

Tourism in Turkey is catching up fast with standards in western worlds. Gone are the days of rusty old buses and sub-standard hotels. The industry now provides tourists with every amenity they want and one concept to hit the market … Continue reading

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Grand Bazaar of Istanbul : Photos & Shopping Guide

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a lot more than your average shopping mall. Shopkeepers are not shy about letting you know  they want your money and will do their best to get it. Sixty streets covered with thousand of … Continue reading

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8 Unusual and Cool Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul, an iconic city and the most popular tourist destination in Turkey, has immense dignity and pride. The cultural infusion of various communities, modern influences, and its historical timeline is impossible to ignore.Most travel publications have detailed articles about things … Continue reading

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10 Things to Do on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul

Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul is a busy street. In fact, it is the busiest street in Turkey. Also known as Istiklal Caddesi in Turkish or Independence Avenue in English, anyone visiting the city should spend at least a day exploring … Continue reading

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How to Get From Ataturk Airport to Istanbul City Centre

Istanbul is the top visited destination in Turkey. So imagine the millions of foreign tourists that it receives every year! There are two airports in Istanbul but Ataturk airport is the busiest and most tourists will arrive via that route. … Continue reading

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Bus Travel in Turkey – Using Public Buses for Travelling in Turkey

Before flights became cheaper, the road network was the means of intercity travel in Turkey.Expressways are limited; many are just divided highways. After planes, buses are the next best way to travel around the country if you have time. It … Continue reading

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Secularism In Turkey – Secularism and Muslim Democracy in Turkey

Although Atatürk, in complete break with the past, established a secular government, Islam continues to have a pivotal role in the life and character of the nation.Turkish society can be broadly divided into four subgroups: Atatürk supporters (secularists), Leftists, Islamic … Continue reading

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The Role of Women in Turkey Turkish Culture Portal

The role of women has changed drastically over the centuries. As the level of education increases the idea that women are important only for serving men’s needs and for childbearing is diminishing. Topkapı Palace with its sultan’s harem is now … Continue reading

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To be Foreign or Tourist in Turkey – Tourism in Turkey

Turkish people are courteous to strangers. They are hospitable people. Turks have an expression about visitors: “Tanrı misafiri” (“God’s guest”—a visitor must be looked after as if he had been sent to you as an envoy from God). Other Turkish … Continue reading

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