Daily Uzungöl Tours – Trabzon Uzungöl Tours

Our Uzungöl Tour in Trabzon, the pearl of the Black Sea, will depart at 09:00 in front of our head office. We wish you a pleasant journey during our Uzungöl Turu. We would like to thank you for your interest in Rize.

Rize Daily Tours (Rize günübirlik turlar) are at your service with the most affordable and economical prices. We take our service quality to a level with your comments, support and complaints received from you every year. We are happy to serve you with our latest model fleet, experienced driver team and tour operators who are experts in their fields. You won’t regret choosing us.

Places to Visit in Uzungol Tour

You will feel very energetic and peaceful in these 9 hours. 09:00 in the morning, the first stop of our vehicle departing from our office after taking a tea break in the office we arrive at the Kiremitli Bridge. After a short break (picture-video, etc.) Horse Farm then say Waterfalls and Cruising Hill then we go to uzungöl.

Definitely a place with great nature, one of the beautiful natural places on the Black Sea, you should definitely visit the plateaus. From the mountains, the river pond between the same mountains, around the natural structure of hotels that do not spoil much and a mosque that really adds a different air to see this charming place.


All you need to do is make a free reservation at 0535 200 26 00. Tour fee is definitely not requested in advance, credit card information, EFT or wire transfer transactions, such as we do not tire you. You pay the fee when boarding the tour on the day of participation. Our request; Please inform us 24 hours in advance to cancel your reservation.

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Daily Pokut Plateau Tours – Pokut Tours

Dear guests, take the Pokut plateau tour at 09:00 in the morning, which will take off from Rize in front of Kültür Park and begin our journey to realize the Pokut Plateau-Sal Plateau Tour.

Pokut Plateau The first stop of our tour is the Şenyuva Village (Çinçiva), which is the home of Çamlıhemşin district, one of the most beautiful places of the region, and the commercials.

Rize Günübirlik Turlar
After visiting the old wooden and stone mansions in the village, the historic Chinchiva bridge and the Sevdaluk series, we arrive at our platform after a 55-minute trip to the Pokut plateau and Sal plateaus at 2050 altitude, which is one of the highlands.

You can have breakfast in the pokut plateau against this magnificent view. Our Lookouts; Çat valley, Amlakit plateau, Hazindağ plateau. After taking our lunch at Pokut Plateau, which is always dazzling with its beauty and naturalness, we pass the Sal Plateau accompanied by our organic guide through the pine forests, beetles with bugs if we have bugs.

Services Included
Convenient transportation from Rize
Guidance Service
All Environmental Trips Specified in the Program
Smiling face and quality service (Horon, singer song songs)

Services Not Included
All Lunches
Drinks All Meals
All Special Expenses
Museum and Ruins Entrance Fees

Things to do in Pokut Plateau-Sal Plateau Tour
Doing Hiking in the Pokut Plateau
Crossing with the Zipline
Sal bread plate and milk meal
Play Horon on Pokut Highland Tour
Taking pictures and videos
If you have chance to watch the sea of ​​cloud

Important warning !
If you want to spend a nice trip on the plateau, the important thing is the clothes you bring with you and whatever you bring with you.
suntan cream
Walking Shoes (Waterproof)
Replacement Socks
Small Backpack

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Daily Karagol Tour Reliable Borcka Karagol Tour

Daily Karagol Tour

Karagöl Turu We are moving in front of Rize Ezgi Tourism at 09:00. From the coastal road of the Black Sea, the sea is flooded with a thousand tons of green, and Rize bins Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen and Fındıklı; We follow the Arhavi and Hopa districts of Artvin and go to the Cankurtaran Passage.

We continue our journey by photographing the Black Sea with a magnificent panoramic view from a height of 690 meters from the sea. Rize Günübirlik Tur Borcka city center and the Coruh river is followed by a total of two and a half hours after a trip to the center of Borcka 27 km. at a distance of 1450 meters above sea level at the beginning of the 19th century, the current uc el near the Klaskur (December) Plateau near the hill as a result of landslides resulting in the closure of the road to heaven green KARAGÖL‘e reach.

Our guests walks in the forests around Karagöl. They either eat a barbecue or eat lunch at the restaurant around the lake. At 15:00 we leave Karagölden sadly. We arrive at Rize by 18:00.

He’s about to meet at another Ezgi Tour.

Note: The final movement will take place when the groups of 12 people are completed.

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Daily Batumi Tour of Georgia Batumi Tour with Accommodation

Daily Batum Tour

In the morning at 08:00, we continue our tour in front of Ezgi Tourism at 08:20 in Çayeli by completing the necessary ID & documentation checks before departure. After a 1.5-hour journey, we arrive at the Sarp Border Gate.

In order to accelerate our transition on the Turkish side, we pass on our vehicle and continue our day-to-day Batumi tour, which takes approximately 50 minutes with the identity documents that we have prepared before (after the Transit Transition Period can vary according to the Density of the Customs Gate).

With the information that our guide will give you firstly you will need ’ası Lari Gür’ which is the money of Georgia. We are making the Roman monument to the Asparos Castle (Gonio), which is said to have been a monumental tomb of St. Matthias, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples.

After our visit to the castle and the archeology museum, we had lunch at the Georgian Restaurant in the Georgian restaurant or took it to a modern Turkish restaurant on the shore, established by the former Soviet Union / Tsarist Russia in an area of ​​112 hectares in 1880; We are going to Batum City Center about 45kk.yürlü, which has about 2000 species of trees and bushes, more than 5000 plants including rose and various flowers.

Orthodox Cathedral (Church of Our Lady), Europe Square, Golden Post Medea Statue, Piazza Square, Theater Square, Batumi Boulevard, Alphabet Tower, Ali and Nino Statue and Ottoman Period Middle Mosque and 1 hour of free time after 17:30 hours We are moving to Sarp Border Gate. Rize Günübirlik Turlar After walking through the customs territory of the Customs operations to meet our vehicle, we are moving to Trabzon in Turkey Mosque in front of the steep side. Our daily Batumi Tour will end in front of Rize Municipality at approximately 21.00 and we say goodbye to meet on the next Ezgi Tourism Trip.


According to the protocol signed between the two countries, Turkey and Georgia States citizens are able to login identity from customs. No identity card other than Population Identity Card (Including Driver’s License) does not replace the Population ID Wallet.

Purses must be in jeep or oldest 10 years. Therefore, the identity of your identity wallet Ripped, TC. No illegible, illegible, very old and deformed images, handwritten intervention handwriting identity wallets are not accepted in customs transitions. Please check your Population Identity Wallet as our guide will warn you before moving.

Medea Statue, Batumi

Old post office building; The former Post Office Building, one of the most spectacular and remarkable buildings of Batumi, rises at the intersection of the two central streets of the city.

Alphabet Tower; Georgian is one of the oldest languages ​​in the 2000-year-old alphabet. One of the 14 alphabets still used in the world, the Georgian alphabet is dedicated to the Georgian alphabet. The height of the Alphabet Tower is located in the immediate vicinity of the Radisson Hotel.

Alphabet Tower, Batumi

Theater Square; Batumi is a city of sculptures; The statue of Poseidon, the god of the sea on the Theater Square, is one of the city’s most magnificent statues. Do not pass without seeing the opera house which has a history of 625 chairs and 125 years in the Theater Square.

Batumi Piazza Square; This is the center of the city. The square, which is often used for concerts and conferences, is reminiscent of a typical Italian square with its architectural features. The mosaics on the floor in the middle of the square should not be overlooked.

Ali and Nino Statue; The sculpture of the sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze, who lives in America, was inspired by the story of the Azerbaijani writer Kurban Said and the story of “Ali and Nino N about the love between the Azerbaijani young and the Georgian girl. 7 meters high metal sculptures, consisting of a man and a woman who change positions by turning the music, move towards each other and merge in 10 minutes.

Ali-Nino Statue, Batumi

Botanical Garden; Batum Botanic Garden, the 2nd largest botanical garden in the world, is located about 10 kilometers north of the city. Located in the Mtsvane Kontskhi district on the Black Sea coast, the garden has a history of more than 100 years. The garden that houses more than 5000 plant species is a complete oxygen store.

Visit holy places; The people of Adjara adopted the Christianity in the Roman period. With the conquest of the Caucasus region of the Ottoman Empire, from the 15th century on, most of the people adopted Islam. Batumi (Orta) Mosque; The 3-domed Virgin Mary Church, built in a Neo-Gothic style; St Nickolas Church can be seen right next to Piazza Square.

Have fun

Pleasure; There are no cuts along the coast of Georgia. Black Sea’s combative structure has taken a more calm atmosphere in Batumi. The beach is quite stony and it can be swim everywhere along the coastline of Batumi.

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Ayder Daily Tours Zilkale Palovit Waterfall Tour

Ezgi Tourism is the pioneer company of high quality day tours in the Black Sea and Rize. Of course no …. We did our traditional Ayder Tour; We have enriched with historical Taşkemer bridges, Zipline (Flight Activity), Şenyuva (Çinçiva), Palovit Waterfall and Zilkale on Fırtına Creek.

We are moving to Ayder Tour after meeting our valued guests in front of the teapot statue in Rize Center.

After the last participants from the Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen districts located on the Black Sea coastline and after the last participants, we enter the Fırtına Valley with the magnificent landscape Rize günübirlik turlar where we get the Kaçkar Mountains. You will be very impressed when you see the houses decorated with Rize architecture.

We stand at Timisvat Bridge (Ottoman Bridge), which is the first stopover point of our tour on Fırtına Valley. The floor of the Timisvat Bridge, which was built by the Ottomans in the 18th century, was built with stone pavement and the balustrades and the body were cut from flat stone. You can take a photoframe in the splendor of the bridge and also join the Zipline activity if you don’t have a heart condition. ” Do not fly the goose?

Continue along the valley of the least population of Rizen, the unspoiled structure of the authentic Çamlıhemşin district after a very short stop to the right of the road into the Valley of the Valley. Rize Günübirlik Tur As we move slowly along the stream, we see Şenyuva Village where many television series and cinemas were taken.

While we taste the exquisite organic tea with Şenyuva Bridge view in Çivanciva coffee house, we are immortalizing this moment by photographing the most beautiful frames of the day. We leave Shenyuvah, which we take about 30 minutes, and continue to Zilkale. Before we come to Zilkale, we stop our vehicle from the first place we see the castle and take a photo of it.

Zilkale is about 750 meters above sea level. It is 100 meters above the storm stream flowing from below. You will feel yourself in an eagle’s nest in the 14th century when you land on Zilkale during the reign of the Kommenos Kingdom of Greeks.

Turkey’s most magnificent castle in the evaluation made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Zilkale been selected. Approximately 400 thousand people visit the city at the time. We are leaving Zilkalala while we continue our way buseferki stop Palovit Waterfall ….

Palavit Waterfall which is one of the highest waterfall of the Black Sea flows at a height of 15 meters. In the Kaçkar Mountains National Park, our guests can visit the waterfall covered with lush forests.

After about 30 minutes in Palovit Waterfall, we come back to Çamlıhemşin district.

From here, we enter the Ayder Yaylası road through the Hala creek. Ayder Turu After the journey we made under the sound of the creek between the spruce forests and the spruce forests of 30 minutes, Ayder Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In Ayder Plateau, horon rings are played with us.

Passing through the Ayder Plateau, which is located at the height of 1220 meters from the sea, the Kavrun stream is an oxygen depot of the region with its pine forests surrounding it. We walk the Gelintülü Waterfall, Kalegon and Treekink course and we give the city the negative energy of the city. Rize günübirlik turlar village where you can eat in Ayder You can also enjoy local products.

We end the Ayder Tour at around 18 o’clock and return to Rize from the route we have arrived. In the hope of meeting at the next Ezgi tourism organization ….

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Alta Alella Wine Tour – City Tours Barcelona – Barcelona Winery Tour

The Alta Alella winery is located just 25 kilometers from Barcelona city within the wine region (DO) Alella. The wine house uses no less than 17 different grape varieties in their ecological wines, and its idyllic location close to the Mediterranean makes this prize winning winery the perfect destination for a wine tour.

If you are looking for a wine tour close to Barcelona this might be the perfect option. City Tours Barcelona invites you to discover Alella on a private wine tour.

The tour to Alta Alella

This fantastic winery is located less than half an hour’s drive from Barcelona. Alta Alella was founded by Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and Cristina Guillén in 1991. Since the beginning the production has been ecological so neither pesticides nor herbicides are used and the grapes are all picked by hand.
The winery Alta Alella has 17 hectares of vines. Among the red varieties are pinot noir and syrah, while pansa blanca and chardonnay are some of the favorite white grapes.

The most famous wine of Alta Alella is Dolç Mataró (a sweet red wine with 90 Peñín points), Privat Laietà (Chardonnay sparkling wine with 91 Parker points), Opus Evolutium (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with 90 Parker points and 91 Peñín points and the Mirgin (sparkling wine made of Chardonnay with 90 Peñín points).
Details and prices for the Alta Alella Wine Tour
The tour to Alta Alella can be organized for private groups of minimum 8 people. The tour can begin in cities like Barcelona, Badalona and Sitges.

Duration of the Winery Tour
3-4 hours

Prices of the Alta Alella Wine Tour
Prices from
38 €
per person for a private Wine Tour to Alta Alella.
SUMMER OFFER (July & August 2018): 75 € discount for groups of minimum 15 people

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Comprehensive Barcelona City Tour for Private Groups & Companies

See the important sights in Barcelona on a Comprehensive City Tour..This tour offers you the most important monuments in Barcelona, from the splendid views from the Montjuïc Hill, the daring buildings of local modernist architect Antoni Gaudí to the narrow and cozy streets of the Gothic Quarter. The tour ends along the beautiful seaside at the Olympic Port.

Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia is one of the famous highlights of Barcelona, but the tour offers you many more stunning buildings, views and city life. From the Montjuïc Hill you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona and at the gothic quarter you will see the narrow streets of medieval Barcelona. We use convenient air conditioned and comfortable buses and our certified guides speak fluent English, so that you will get the most out of your stay in Barcelona.

See the most important monuments in Barcelona
Below you will find the list of monuments visited on the Comprehensive City Tour. If you have any special wishes for other monuments not included in the list, we are flexible about including these.

Passeig de Gracia & modernism
Casa Batlló (Gaudí’s first important work in his own style)
Casa Lleó Morera (Domènech i Montaner’s famous corner building on the Passeig de Gracia)
Casa Amatller (Puig i Cadafalchs marvelous house neighbouring Casa Batlló)
Casa Milà (one of the main works by Antoni Gaudí)
La Sagrada Familia (the most famous and impressive of Gaudí’s works)
The Triumph Arch (a work made for Barcelona’s first World’s Fair in 1888)
Plaça Catalunya (the biggest square in Barcelona)
Plaça Espanya (monumental square built for the Expo 1929) and Montjuic Hill
The Olympic Ring and Stadium (on Montjuïc with monumental square)
The viewpoint Miramar on the Montjuïc-hill (spectacular views of the port)
The National Palace on the Montjuïc-hill (with beautiful views of the city)
The Olympic Harbor (built for the Olympics in 1992) & the Olympic City
Optional: The city center (Barri Gòtic+Ramblas) with Santa María del Mar (the famous “Cathedral of the Sea”) or the Cathedral of Barcelona (La Catedral la Seu) with its charming cloister.
Details and prices for the Comprehensive City Tour
The tour can be arranged for groups of between 8 and 500 people. If you are more than 60 people we divide the group into two, each with its own bus, guide and driver.

The duration of the Comprehensive City Tour
4 hours (the tour can be customized and shortened to a 2 or 3 hour tour)

Prices of the Barcelona Comprehensive Tour
Prices from
28,75 €
per person for a private Comprehensive City Tour in Barcelona. The final price depends on the number of participants. .

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Classic Standard Below Deck Croatia Island Hopper from Split

Start and end in Split! With the sailing tour Croatia Island Hopper from Split – Classic Standard Below Deck, you have a 8 day tour package taking you through Split, Croatia and 7 other destinations in Croatia. Croatia Island Hopper from Split – Classic Standard Below Deck includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

Wandering around and searching for a perfect yacht that matches your needs for the upcoming season? Perhaps Adriatic Sailing can assist you. Utilize additional price reduction and sail over the Adriatic Sea on our Lagoon 560 Princess Seline S2. Thus, in case you place your booking this February for the upcoming season we have prepared an adequate gift FREE OF CHARGE- SEABOB F5 LUMEX COLORS, to enrich your holiday experience as better as possible.

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Zimbabwe tourist attractions, restaurants and delicious meals

Zimbabwe south africa is an independent state located between 15 ° 36 and 22 ° 25 south latitudes, 25 ° 16 and 33 ° 04 east longitudes. Zimbabwe’s neighboring countries are Zambia in the north, Botswana in the west, South Africa in the south and Mozambique in the east.
Zimbabwe Târihi

In the 4th century AD Banbu tribes began to enter the region. In the fifteenth century, a religious and commercial center was established near the city of Fort Victoria today known as Zimbabwe or Great Zimbabwe. In the fifteenth century, the rulers of Mutota and Matope set up a kingdom extending from the Indian Ocean to the east and the Kalahari Desert to the west. Later on in this kingdom, Portugal gave the name Monomotapa kingdom.

In 1505 he founded a base in the Sofalia on the coast of Portugal Mozambique. From here, there were trafficking routes inside. Leaving Portugal’s Zambezin upwards weakened the kingdom of Monomotapa. The country was invaded by tribes from the south in the 1830s. The most important of these was Ndebele, who settled in the southern part of present-day Zimbabwe.

In 1888, British Cecil Rodes obtained royalty concessions from the Ndebele chief. The British South African Company, which it established, held political and economic control in the country from 1889 to 1923. In 1923, South Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe) was annexed by England as a headman colonial under a constitution giving political and political power to a white minority.

In 1953, South Rhodesia and North Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Nicaand (now Malawi) joined together by establishing the Federation of Rodezia and Nialand. The Federation broke up in 1963. In 1964 North Rhodesia and Nicaean won their independence in the presence of white people.

On November 11, 1965, Prime Minister Ian D. Smith unilaterally proclaimed Rodezian independence. The United Kingdom opposed it and imposed economic sanctions on the UN. For example, an oil embargo was put on the Rodezia ship. With that, some oil and gasoline entered the country from South Africa and Mozambique. In May 1968, the UN Security Council imposed a trade embargo. In December 1972, the Africans launched a guerrilla war against the white rule. In the middle of 1978, over six thousand soldiers and civilians were killed.

The Rodezian troops defeated the guerrillas. In 1978, an agreement was signed in which the ruling black majority was in control of Simith and three well-known black leaders, until the time of the dynasty. On April 1, 1979, the first general election in which the country was granted voting rights passed parliament,
In 1979 the Thatcher government of the United Kingdom began to striving to bring ordinary things to mind with Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe finally achieved full independence on April 18, 1980. Mugabe won most of the elections made. Today, Mugabe, the president of the state, managed to stay in control despite the various turmoil (1993).

Zimbabwe Physical Structure

It is on a high plateau rising on the eastern border of Zimbabwe with mountains, descending at other borders. About one fourth of the country’s land is 1200-1500 m above sea level. Arâzi reaches 2600 myi in the Inyanga Mountains along the eastern border and reaches the highest raki. The northward descent slowly descends towards the Zambezi River and Kariba Lake. The altitudes in this river valley range from 200 m to 600 m. The width of Victoria’s waterfalls in the Upper Cove is over 1.6 km and the main waterfall is poured from a height of 108 m.

Zimbabwe climate

Zimbabwe has a subtropical climate. The rainy warm season lasts from November to March, and the average temperature varies from 11 ° to 18 ° C at various altitudes during the cold dry season in July, and from 20 ° to 31 ° C in October with warm months. The precipitation averages are between 650 and 750 mm. Precipitation is higher in the eastern mountains, less in the southern Limpopo and Sabi valleys.

Zimbabwe Natural Resources

In the southwest, plant coverings dwarf bushes and thorns, and in the east the trees that do not plow their leaves bring them to the field. The main underground riches of the country are chrome, gold, nickel, asbestos, copper, iron and marden coal.

Zimbabwe Population and Social Life

Zimbabwe, which has a population of 9,870,000, lives in villages with 20% of the population in the cities. The most important population centers are Bulawayodur, with a population of 863,000 and a population of 495,000. Zimbabweans bring more than 96% of the population to Zimbabwe. The niggers are divided into two big main groups speaking Bantu tongues. These are Ndebele (16% of blacks) and Shona (80% of blacks). 3% of the population is European, as much as 1% is Asian and different races.

Most of the whites are English Protestant. Most Negroes are pagans. The literacy rate among whites is 100%. The overall literacy rate is 45%. The official language is English. Most people speak Shona and Ndebele.

Zimbabwe Political Life

In Zimbabwe, the Parliament comes from the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 40 members and has 100 members. Ten senators and 20 members of the council are elected by the president. The country is divided into 8 states. Zimbabwe has been a member of the United Nations since 1980.

Zimbabwe Economy

The Zimbabwean economy is diversified. Agriculture, commerce and trade are all important. 35% of the working population is engaged in agriculture, 30% is engaged in industrial and commercial activities, 20% is engaged in services and 15% is engaged in government affairs.

The main agriculture products of the country are tobacco, sugar, cotton, corn and wheat. Clothing, chemistry, and light industry have developed.
Most of the energy needed for conversion is produced in the Kariba Hydroelectric Power Plant. The countries where they are located are South Africa, United Kingdom, USA and United Germany.

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FAITH Yacht: Feadship Superyacht FAITH Delivered 96m/318ft

The third largest superyacht ever built by Feadship, FAITH comes just behind the 99m/325ft motor yacht ‘Madame Gu’ and the 102m/333ft luxury yacht SYMPHONY- the largest ever built by SYMPHONY.

One of the largest motor yachts ever built by the legendary shipyard, the 96m/318ft superyacht FAITH was delivered to her new owner from Feadship this month.Defined by graceful exterior lines styled by Redman Whiteley Dixon, and blessed with a naval architecture courtesy of De Voogt, FAITH is no doubt one of the most distinct superyachts on the water.

Currently moored in Antibes next to the similarly enormous Madame Gu, FAITHfeatures a wealth of exciting features sure to make her one the most remarkable deliveries of the year.

From the helipad and garage located on the bow, to the gigantic beach club located at the stern, everything about superyacht FAITH can be reasonably be considered a standout quality.

Though there are few published images of the interior, it has been confirmed that Redman Whiteley Dixon are responsible for the design, with French house Chahan Design completing the decor.

It has also been confirmed that FAITH is capable of sleeping up to 18 guests across 9 cabins. Sure to be the one everyone is keenest to see is the master suite, whilst the 2 VIP suites are also sure to generate plenty of intrigue.

Supersized and stylish, Feadship superyacht FAITH is sure to become one of the most memorable deliveries from the Dutch shipyard

Whilst M/Y FAITH is not expected to become available for charter, feel free to take a look at all of the Feadship superyachts which are available for rent.

Photos by: Raphael Montigneaux.Faith’s interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests overnight in 9 cabins, comprising a master suite, 2 VIP staterooms, and 4 double cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 34 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

CONSTRUCTION & DIMENSIONS Faith features a full displacement steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. She was built to Lloyds Register 100A1 SSC Yacht Mono

G6 +LMC UMS SCM ECO LY3 classification society rules. This luxury yacht is also fitted with ‘zero speed stabilizers’ which work at anchor, increasing on-board comfort when the yacht is stationary, particularly in rough waters.


Powered by 2 MTU (16V 4000 M63L) 3,004hp diesel engines and propelled by her twin screw propellers Motor yacht Faith is capable of a top speed of 17 knots, and comfortably cruises at 15 knots. With her 264,000 fuel tanks she has a maximum range of 5,000 nautical miles at 12 knots. Her water tanks store around 75,000 of fresh water.


Helicopter Landing Pad, Air Conditioning, Beach Club, Lift (Elevator), Movie Theatre, Spa, Swimming Pool, Tender Garage, Underwater Lights, Dynamic Positioning, Helicopter Hangar, Massage Room, Steam room, At anchor Stabilizers , Gym


Motor yacht Faith is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter, or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.


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Thailand Most Popular Gap Years, Backpacking & Traveling in Thailand

To help those students considering a year out, Telegraph Travel has compiled its annual Gap 100, featuring our pick of the most trustworthy gap year travel companies and websites.
“There is now an incredible choice of activities and destinations to support young travellers in developing and learning new skills,” she added. “It’s very important that if you’re planning a gap year, you research your options thoroughly: talk to a travel professional, who will be able to offer you advice about destinations and experiences; check travel advice with Abta and the Foreign Office and always book with a reputable company.”
We’ve also published a list of ten essential questions to ask when organising your trip, and several case studies from recently returned gap year travellers (see below).
Telegraph Travel’s gap year coverage
The gap year 100
Browse our annual directory of the best gap year travel companies, whether you’re looking to learn a skill or language, volunteer, work, or simply embark on a great adventure.
Essential questions
What questions should someone planning a gap year ask before committing to a project?
How voluntourism changed my life
Wycliffe Sande, born into poverty in Uganda and orphaned at 13, explains how a volunteering project transformed his fortunes.
Gap year case study: learning a language
Felix Legge relives his experiences of learning Russian in Moscow.
Gap year case study: on the anti-poaching patrol
William Oborne describes working with rangers in Zimbabwe as part of a programme to protect rhinos from poachers.
Gap year case study: a sponsored career break
Alex Ball talks about taking a sponsored career break that saw him visiting various companies while travelling around America.
Gap year case study: training to be a ski instructor
Jenny Beard discusses her time training to be a ski instructor in the French Alps, and teaching skiing in Japan.
Gap year case study: volunteering in Uganda
Oli Denton describes his time volunteering and playing rugby in Uganda for the Lessons for Life Foundation.
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